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Baseball Board

Wayne Redfern


Mike Burleson

Past President & Treasurer

Mike Hammer

Umpire Coordinator

Chris Tan

VP Lower Divisions (4-8)

Ryan Clinton

VP Upper Divisions (9-12)

Mark Kupec

COD Coordinator

David Vasquez

Vice President & Secretary

Open Position

VP of Operations - Fields

Greg Schneider

Special Projects & Event Coordinator


David Kim

4-Rookie and 5&6 (T-ball) League Commissioner

Brian Szymanski

4-Rookie and 5&6 Assistant T-Ball Commisioner

Philip Williamson

7&8 (Coach Pitch) League Commissioner

Warren Ealy

7&8 Assistant League Commissioner

Todd Wood

9&10 (Kid Pitch) League Commissioner

Felipe Flores

9&10 Assistant League Commissioner

Aaron Unnasch

11&12 League Commissioner

Open Position

11&12 Assistant League Commissioner

David Vasquez

13&14 League Commissioner

Doug Chappell

13&14 Co-Commissioner

David Vasquez

15-18 League Commissioner

Doug Chappell

15-18 Co-Commissioner