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Age 4 Rookie Tee-Ball - Spring

Introducing NEW to T&C Age Tee-ball Rookie League

Exclusively for all Pre-K children age 4.  The Tee-ball Rookie program is designed to have children begin their baseball experience in a fun environment while introducing them to the basic rules of baseball.
Our Rookie program focuses on keeping children active, and having lots fun. At T&C, we want to instill the love of baseball so the kids will want to continue on their baseball journey with us for many years to come. The goal is to provide them with a solid foundation of skills to take to the next level. We want to encourage parent, and grandparent participation in this league to make this a great weekly experience for all.
This introductory division will introduce the fundamentals of baseball using:

  • Soft compression baseballs and a tee for batting
  • Each game will be two innings
  • All players will field and bat
  • No scores are recorded
  • No 3-out rule,
  • No standings are kept.
  • Rosters will be limited to 8-10 players per team.
  • Coaches may allow parents or grandparents on the field to assist while team is on the field.
  • Limit of one game per week during season with at least one practice per week.

The T&C Rookie League Mission

To create a fun and safe baseball learning environment for pre-Kindergarten children new to the sport. Coaches will introduce the basic fundamentals of how to throw, catch, and hit a baseball off the tee. Players will practice good sportsmanship, respectful behavior, and teamwork. Coaches will teach Tee-ball rules with the emphasis of playing the game as good sportsman.

We are always looking for head coaches in all divisions of baseball (Rookie Tee-ball included). If you really want to help our program and help your player, please volunteer to become a head coach. Coaching can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Please check the main baseball website for updates to the calendar, including deadlines for registration, and when the season begins. Please email one of the commissioners listed on the “baseball board” tab if you have any questions that are not already answered in the "FAQ's" section located on the left side of this webpage.

Brian Szymanski

League Commissioner