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9 & 10 Year Old Division (KID PITCH)

Welcome parents, coaches, returning Mustang players and those moving up from 7&8 Pinto (Coach Pitch) to 9&10 Mustang Baseball at Town & Country!  For those moving up from the 7&8 program, the 9&10 program will bring some significant changes.  No longer will the coaches be pitching the ball during the game; it will be the kids trying to throw strikes to the batter from a distance of 45 feet.  The base paths are also bigger—65 total feet between the bases.  There are even elements of stealing bases, balks, passed balls, and other advanced elements of the game.
For those returning to the 9&10 program, this coming year will provide an opportunity to hone the skills you learned during your first year at Mustang. We removed the dropped third strike rule which allowed the batter to run to first base whenever a 3rd strike was dropped by the catcher.  We also do not allow our base runners to lead off or attempt to steal a base until the pitched ball crosses home plate.  Both these rules were recently implemented to help with the transition from 7&8 and to build a skill bridge to 11&12 and should help pitchers focus more on pitching, reduce total pitch counts, and reduce the number of times a player automatically gets to third base through steals whenever they reach first base.  It also makes for a more enjoyable, faster-paced game.
Provided that we have at least 50 players registered for AAA, Mustang baseball will also be divided into two divisions: AA and AAA.  The AAA division is intended for mature players who play at an advanced level - typically second year 9&10 players who want to play in a highly competitive environment. The AA division is appropriate for the vast majority of 9&10 year old players.  AAA may also require a few games to be played at local area baseball organizations (such as Cedar Park) for what is called interleague play.  Fewer than 50 players registered for AAA will mean that all Mustang teams will be AA for the season.  Parents desiring their child to be considered for participation in the AAA division must explicitly grant their permission during online player registration or notify the commissioner when you sign in at tryouts.
Following tryouts, a team draft will be held. Coaches will be allowed 2 trades only, and the trades must be made before the draft meeting is adjourned.  Players not participating in tryouts will be selected as “non-tradable hat picks” by coaches at the conclusion of the AA draft.  Coaches will select from the hat until all players have been chosen.  Those children not selected in the AAA draft, will be selected in the AA draft. Because players are drafted, please note that your child may be drafted onto a team outside of your neighborhood!
In a continued effort to increase the number of qualified coaches in our 9&10 program, 4 coach protections will be allowed for each AA and AAA team.  All head and assistant coaches will be certified by the Kids Sports Network (KSN) and are required to attend T&C-hosted coaching clinics.
Please check the main baseball website for updates to the calendar, including deadlines for registration, the scheduled player try-out and draft dates and when games begin and end. Please email one of the commissioners listed below if you have any questions that are not already answered in the "FAQ's" section located on the left side of this webpage.
Thank you for your support of Town and Country Baseball, now LET'S PLAY BALL!

Todd Wood

League Commissioner